Welcome to SKVAD. SKVAD is the result of a name change on the previous community DiGiViZ. The name SKVAD is a combination of two words, one of the words is the English word SQUAD and the other word is a fictional Swedish animal named SkVADER.

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DayZ Server#1 Rules

General Rules

We are using a Strike system which means for any temp ban you get you will receive 1 strike. When you get 4 strikes you will be Permanently banned.
1 Strike; 3hr
2 Strike; 12hr
3 Strike; 24hr
4 Strike; Permabanned
  1. Keep the In-game Global chat related to DayZ and use only English in it.
  2. NO Toxicity.
  3. NO Chat Spam.
  4. NO Impersonating an admin.
  5. NO Cheating on our server.
  6. NO Doxing.
  7. NO Using racist / homophobic / sexist (or alike) slurs in Global chat.
  8. NO Hackusating (Calling players out for cheating) in Global chat or in Discord.
  9. NO Abusing Bugs / Exploits / Glitches.
  10. You’re not allowed to call out players’ base- / or current locations in Global chat (including discord).
  11. You’re not allowed to use any inappropriate in-game names or the name “Survivor”.
  12. If you suspect an admin of abusing their in-game rights, don’t call him / her out in Global chat, open a ticket in discord.
  13. Loot cycling (stashing and ruining loot to let it respawn) is strictly forbidden.
  14. Stream sniping (Watching any SKVAD players’ streams on social media while being in-game yourself) is strictly forbidden.
  15. The usage of ALT accounts in order to ban evade or gain an advantage in-game is strictly forbidden.
  16. Camping spawn locations is strictly forbidden.
  17. Combat logging is strictly forbidden (You need to wait 5 Minutes after shooting at, getting shot or getting shot at before logging out)
  18. A group is allowed to have a max. of 10 members at 1 time online. It is not allowed to rotate any other members into that group in order to gain any form of advantages.
  • Staff members reserve the right to correct, punish, kick or ban players if necessary.
  • Things that you can be refunded for: Anything that has been lost due to someone breaking the rules of the server. Remember to have some sort of proof for this. A screenshot or a video of what happened is a valid proof. Things we do not refund: Storage that has been lost, vehicles, items or progress due to DayZ related bugs, a server crash or restarts will not be compensated by our staff team.

Trader Rules


  1. Trolling, stealing and griefing in safezone is forbidden.
  2. You’re not allowed to enter a safezone in order to escape a fight.
  3. It’s forbidden to mic-rape or using a megaphone in trader.
  4. Camping safezones or following players out of a safezone to kill them is forbidden.
  5. Vehicles left in trader will be permanently deleted without any warnings and no option of refunds.
  6. No Safzone strafing (using SZ to escape combat)
  7. Do not store vehicles or loot at trader or safe zone. Doing so will get the vehicle/loot deleted after a period of time.
  8. Do not gather resources inside the SafeZone. For Example; Do not cut down trees.

Base Building Rules


  1. Your base must not exceed a limit of 4×4 BBP squares with a height of 4 walls. ( Freebuilt)
  2. If you want to build in a DayZ building you can use the whole building but you are only allowed to have it 3 floors high.
  3. If you want to build ontop of a DayZ building, you may not exceed the 4×4 rule but you’re only allowed to have 2 walls in height. This can be combined with 1 floor inside of the building to reach the maximum of 3 walls high as stated in the rule above.
  4. You’re not allowed to build on roads unless its the end of the road.
  5. You’re not allowed to build around water wells.
  6. You may have a maximum of 20 codelocked doors / gates ⚠️ -> The codelocks on storage and tents count! You can’t have any codelocked storage if you have 20 codelocked doors!!
  7. Your base has to be built raidable. You’re not allowed to block off any entrances in any way.
  8. As 1 group, you’re only allowed to have 1 base with a maximum of 10 players (only 10 players are allowed to have access to that base)
  9. You must build according to the visible NoBuildZones (press M to view).
  10. You are not allowed to doorstack, keep it to 3 doors/ wall kit.
  11. 1 Staircase per base, no loot in the staircase.
  12. A base is allowed to have 20 extra BBP kits outside the base to block it off or to use them as a Garage.

Raiding Rules


⚠️ Raiding is enabled 24/7 ⚠️

  1. You must use C4 in order to raid a base from the outside. If the baseowners have turned the basekits and built them wrong you are allowed to dismantle to gain entry. No unnecessary dismantling is allowed.
  2. You’re not allowed to grief storage / loot of the base you’re raiding.
  3. You’re not allowed to take over an enemy base.
  4. You’re required to record the entry of the raid, as admins will ask you for that footage to provide it if necessary.
  5. NO Glitch raiding.
  6. It’s allowed to boost into player’s base with a maximum of 1 Vehicle and 2 Players. – No other forms of boosting into players’ bases are allowed.
  7. A maximum of 10 players on both the defenders’ and attackers’ sides is allowed. Any other players of the same group must have a distance of at least 1000m to that raid.
  8. It’s forbidden to rotate members of a group during a raid.
  9. You’re not allowed to raid the same group / base directly after just raiding them. Between each raid has to be a minimum of 24 hours.
  10. After 30 minutes of no C4 planted during a raid u will be forced to stop the raid as it will be considered over.
    Raiding/ Getting Raided is counted as in Combat.

For Raiding we have a raidcooldown of 24 Hours.

  • This means you can raid whoever but you cannot raid the same base for 24 Hours. Raiding is restricted to 10players attacking and 10players defending which means only 9 players should be in your party and the 10th player will be you. If requested by an admin this must be shown in either footage at the start of the raid and at the end of the raid, or in a recording.

When is a raid considered to be over.

  • Group: When the last player leaves the enemy base. ( If the whole group gets wiped out you have lost the raid)
  • Solo: One hour after leaving the enemy base. ( Includes death)

Vehicle Rules


We do NOT compensate for any vehicles.

Cars/Helis: Drive your cars/helis carefully we have the mod for no vehicle damage and to flip your vehicle with a Hydraulic Jack. So, if you end up on the roof of the car/heli, gets stuck on rocks or in a fence take that as a lesson to drive more carefully the next time you drive a vehicle. It is DayZ we are playing.

  1. NO leaving vehicles in the safezone unattended, if you do so you’re at risk of it being deleted .
  2. MAX 3 Vehicles / Group
  3. Cars must be covered with Car Cover. Lifetime of cars without the CarCover is 3days and with the Cover its 7 days.
  4. Helis lifetime is 7 days.

Combat Rules

  1. NO Exploiting of any bugs.
  2. NO Hacking/Glitching/Duping/Scripting/Doxxing.
  3. NO Stream Sniping (Watching any players streams whilst on a SKVAD server, streamers must show proof of being stream sniped) .
  4. NO FreshSpawn camping.
  5. NO Meta Gaming.
  6. NO Using alt accounts to your advantage (i.e ban evasion, loot mule, raid countering etc). – It is forbidden to log out while you are in combat -> This also includes raiding and entering another base uninvited. After being in combat, you must wait a minimum of 5 minutes before you can log out. Remember beeing in combat includes, getting shot, shooting at and being shot at.

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