Welcome to SKVAD. SKVAD is the result of a name change on the previous community DiGiViZ. The name SKVAD is a combination of two words, one of the words is the English word SQUAD and the other word is a fictional Swedish animal named SkVADER.

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DayZ Server#1 Rules

General Rules

1.: Keep the In-game Global chat in English.
2.: NO Political discussions.
3.: NO Toxicity.
4.: NO Chat Spam.
5.: NO Impersonating an admin.
6.: NO Cheating on our server.
7.: NO Doxing.
8.: NO Using racist / homophobic / sexist (or alike) slurs in the Chat.
9.: NO Hackusating (Calling players out for cheating) in the Chat.
10.: NO Abusing Bugs / Exploits / Glitches.
11.: No Meta gaming (calling out players’ base- / or current locations in Global chat).
12.: You’re not allowed to use any inappropriate in-game names or the name “Survivor”.
13.: If you suspect an admin of abusing their in-game rights, don’t call him / her out in Chat, open a ticket in Discord.
14.: Loot cycling (stashing and ruining loot to let it respawn) is strictly forbidden.
15.: Stream sniping is strictly forbidden.
16.: The usage of ALT accounts is strictly forbidden.
17.: Camping spawn locations is strictly forbidden.
18.: Combat logging is strictly forbidden (You need to wait 5 Minutes after shooting at, getting shot or getting shot at before logging out).
19.: A group is allowed to have a max. of 10 members at 1 time online. It is not allowed to rotate any other members into that group in order to gain any form of advantages.
20.: KD boosting is strictly forbidden (Killing teammates).

Staff members reserve the right to correct, punish, kick or ban players if necessary. Players with CFT access are NOT permitted to post CFT info or screenshots, violation of this rule will result in a ban.
We highly recommend recording gameplay for ticket purposes.

Trader Rules

1.: Trolling, stealing and griefing in safezone is forbidden.
2.: You’re not allowed to enter a safezone in order to escape a fight.
3.: It’s forbidden to mic-rape or using a megaphone in trader.
4.: Camping safezone or following players out of a safezone is forbidden.
5.: Vehicles/loot left in trader will be permanently deleted without any warnings and no option of refunds.
6.: Do not gather resources inside the SafeZone. For Example; Do not cut down trees.

Base Building Rules

1.: NO Sky Bases/Floating Bases (max 1 BBP floor overhang)
2.: You’re not allowed to build on roads unless its the end of the road.
3.: ⚠️ You may have a maximum of 20 Codelocks on your BBP items + an extra 5 Codelocks on your Storage Items in total.
4.: Your base has to be built raidable. You’re not allowed to block off any entrances in any way.
5.: As 1 group, you’re only allowed to have 1 base with a maximum of 10 players (only 10 players are allowed to have access to that base)
6.: You must build according to the visible NoBuildZones (press M to view).
7.: You are not allowed to doorstack, keep it to 3 doors/ wall kit.
8.: NO using defence methods in which causes raiders to be forced in stances these include – Crawling, Crouching, Vaulting and climbing Ladders.
9.: NO Windows/sightlines facing military zones, traders, events and cement mixers.
10.: NO leaving blueprints unfinished.NOTE:
Windows: Windows with a codelock used as entry to the base is considered to be unraidable and will be punished and removed if there is no other way in.
Barbwire: If Barbwire is placed inside a base that forces enemies to run through it in order to raid the base is considered to be unraidable and will be punished and removed if there is no other way in.
Too Big Bases: Dont overdo your bases just because we don’t have limits ( you can’t have more then 20 codelocks anyways ). The Admin Team reserves the right to stop the build, or to reduce it.

Raiding Rules

⚠️ Raiding is enabled 24/7 ⚠️
Unauthorized dismantling of BBP items and Flagpoles in others bases is strictly forbidden!
1.: You must use C4 in order to breach doors/gates/hatches.
2a.: No building while being raided.
2b.: You’re not allowed to grief storage or loot of the base you’re raiding.
2c.: You’re not allowed to grief your own loot/storage while being raided.
2d.: You’re not allowed to log off with your loot while being raided.
3a.: You’re not allowed to take over an enemy base (includes no placing of Codelocks on enemy bases).
3b.: Don’t log out in enemy bases.
4.: You’re required to record the entry of the raid, as admins will ask you for that footage to provide it if necessary.
5.: NO Glitch raiding.
6.: It’s allowed to boost into player’s base with a maximum of 1 Vehicle and 2 Players. – No other forms of boosting into players’ bases are allowed.
7a.: A maximum of 10 players on both the defenders’ and attackers’ sides is allowed.
7b.: Any other teammates of the raiding/defending group must have a distance of at least 1000m to that raid.
9.: It’s forbidden to rotate(swap) members of a group during a raid.
10.: You must wait 24 hours to raid the same base.
11.: As a raider you have a maximum of 45 minutes between each armed C4 during a raid. If you fail to arm a new C4 within this timeframe, the raid will be considered over and your 24 hours cooldown starts. If a raid fails the raiders can still stay around the base (not within) but not plant and arm another C4 in 24 hours.
12.: Once the raid has finished you must take the loot you want, and leave the base.

Raiding is when you enter another base uninvited.
Raiding/ Getting Raided is counted as in Combat.

When is a raid considered to be over:
Group: When the last player leaves the enemy base. ( If the whole group gets wiped out you have lost the raid).
Solo: One hour after leaving the enemy base. ( Includes death). The 45 minute rule applies for both groups and solo players.

Vehicle Rules

We do NOT compensate for any vehicles.

1.: MAX 3 Vehicles / Group
2.: Helis/Cars lifetime is 7 days.

Cars/Helis: Drive your cars/helis carefully we have the mod for no vehicle damage and to flip your vehicle with a Hydraulic Jack. So, if you end up on the roof of the car/heli, gets stuck on rocks or in a fence take that as a lesson to drive more carefully the next time you drive a vehicle. It is DayZ we are playing.

Compensation Rules

We Recommend Using OBS, Medal.TV, Relive or NVIDIA Playback.
We need detailed proof in the video compensation submission to be able to hand out compensation.
IF the comp evidence is not sufficient or the evidence has been tampered the request will be denied.
Compensation can take up to 3 days. Compensation Examples That WOULD be valid

  • Loss of items due to a confirmed cheater
  • Item or vehicle stolen from SafeZone
  • Loss of extra raiding equipment when raiding a base that breaks base rules.

Compensation Examples That WOULD be denied

  • Loss of items due to trader bug.
  • Loss of items due to dying from environmental causes.
  • Loss of vehicle/storage due to crash, restart or bug(s)
  • Vehicle stuck.
  • Lost keys for vehicle.
  • Left vehicle in SafeZone.
  • Flipped vehicle.
  • Damaged engine.
  • Despawned vehicle.

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