Welcome to SKVAD. SKVAD is the result of a name change on the previous community DiGiViZ. The name SKVAD is a combination of two words, one of the words is the English word SQUAD and the other word is a fictional Swedish animal named SkVADER.

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FAQ Page

How do I join your DayZ Server?

Download http://dayzsalauncher.com/#/home

Go to settings and set an ingame name.( Required to be able to join)

Search for SKVAD.

Press play, wait for all mods to download & you are good to go!

How do I start building a base on your DayZ Server?

  1. You will need to create a group.
  2. You need a Territory Flagkit.
  3. Place your flag where you want to build.

How does raiding work on your DayZ Server?

You must use C4 in order to raid a base from the outside. If the baseowners have turned the basekits and built them wrong you are allowed to dismantle to gain entry. No unnecessary dismantling is allowed.

Homemade Breachingcharge

Homemade Breachingcharge

Heavy Breachingcharge


Doors/Gates and Hatches:
Tier 1: 1HP
Tier 2: 2HP
Tier 3: 4HP
Tier 4: 6HP

I get a PBO error when I try to join, what can I do?

PBO Error is caused by a mod update / new mod that is not up-to-date on your PC.

It will give you the following message:
You were kicked off the game. “PBO which is not part of server data: C:\ProgramFiles\DayZ!Workshop@MODNAME”
This is usually what happens if you join the server through the DZSALauncher.exe.

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